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Introduction to AeroConsort of The Netherlands, a company you may partner with for

·         consulting our knowledge and

·         support by our products and services.


The company name comprises our way of doing business: The verb ‘to consort’ means to associate, to keep company, to unite in company or to be in agreement. The noun ‘consort' means companion or partner. Al these meanings represent our initiatives not only to work for you, but also to work with you.  Once called upon, we will consort!


For:          Owners and operators of civil- and military aircraft, helicopters and other aerial vehicles.


Where:     Basically in the EU, but if desired, we would be more than pleased to support customers outside the EU.



1.    By representing, promoting and supporting companies with excellent reputation in their field of expertise, products and services in aerospace.

2.    By our strive to be able to deliver nose – to – tail value added services

3.    By own expertise and by partnering with peers to extend knowledge and/or capacity as required.


When:      Always!   But obviously upon request. However, our customers may receive tactical business information e.g. product availability in a deflating market, by AeroConsort’s proactive intitiatives.



1.  Products and Services

2.  Companies, Represented By AeroConsort

3.  Founders background and contact details


Products and Services


Aircraft Maintenance Support

AeroConsort will work with dedicated organisations that are able to deliver maintenance support with field teams and combining your requirements with our experience in working with these companies, will enable us to set up a customised support structure.


Component Maintenance Support

Outsourcing your specific component maintenance and finding a quality company may be time consuming. In lieu of our consort in Aircraft Maintenance, we may be able to find solutions or improve your current supplier base.


Modifications Support

Depending on the required modification, AeroConsort will work with applicable companies well experienced for designing, producing and implementing specific system and subsystem upgrades.


Ground Systems Support

Varying from Ground Support Equipment to temporary aircraft hangars, we can suport with the best companies in their field of product range and expertise!


Integrated Logistic Support

Several methods and tools are available to perform Integrated Logistic Support (ILS). Knowing how to choose the right methods and tools may result in significant improvement of aircraft and parts availability at lower cost. AeroConsort can offer high level and experienced people to review your support structure, and propose and implement the actions to update your ILS.


Marketing & Sales

Acquisition support can be delivered to extend and increase your turnover. Many years of international Marketing and Sales resulted in a worldwide extensive network. Specifically, we have several good contact addresses in Asia and South America. AeroConsort may even assist you in getting commercial excellent.



Based on in-house knowledge and supported by partner Quality Engineers, we can provide ‘consort’ in Quality Assurance (QA) and Business Process Improvement. We will map the proces in  multi layers, add indicators, perform analysis and improve it.


Offset Support

As mentioned under Marketing & Sales, our knowledge can be used to support your offset requirements, both to companies with offset obligations to The Netherlands, as well as Dutch companies with offset obligations othet countries.


Companies, Represented By AeroConsort


Simtech, Inc.


Products: Repair/overhaul/new of F-100 engine parts, F-16 Landing Gear parts, F-16 Electric Power system parts, F-16MLU simulator instruments, C-130 hydraulic-, fuel- and environmental system parts (cooling turbines, refrigeration packs, heat exchangers, oil coolers, fuel heaters, pneumatic starters, pressure regulators, various types of valves, water separators). Also parts for TOW-, Stinger- and Sidewinder Missile Systems.


MRO Aerospace, Inc.


Products: Repair/overhaul/new of INS, Gimbal assies, Gyros & accelerometers, Electronics, Avionics, Instruments, Hydraulic/pneumatic components, Accessories, Ground Support Equipment. Aircraft types: F-16, P-3, PC-7, C-130, Apache, Chinook.


Universal Synaptics Corporation, Inc.


Products: Intermittent Fault Detectors: Innovative system using neural network technology for detecting intermittent faults in wiring and electronic circuits/units that are not detected by regular test methods as ATE, digital meters en continuity testers. The IFD testers are not related to a specific aircraft type and can be used for testing any (aircraft) wiring and electronic circuits/units (LRU’s).


UFC Aerospace Corporation


Products: Aerospace fasteners, gaskets, Hydraulic Tubes and Fittings, Machined Parts, Sheet Metal Details and Assemblies, Tooling, Consumables, Aerospace chemicals, Adhesives, Power Supplies, Emergency and Mainship Batteries (Radiant Power Corp.), Kitting/JIT Programs, Third Party Acquisition & -Logistics


BAS Aerospace Ltd.


Products: Manufacturer Aerospace fasteners (Nuts, bolts, fitings, etc.). Precision component manufacture, Logistical services. BAS is a subsidary of UFC. BAS is a manufacturer and has various base material on stock, allowing quick response times, even for relative small quantities. BAS acts as an `EU base` for UFC.


Intertec Resouces        


Personnel resources for engineering and aircraft maintenance.


Founders background and contact details


AeroConsort is founded by John Schulmer, born on May 16th, 1958, in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

John studied Mechanical Engineering, was awarded a Bachelors’ degree in 1981.


He joined the Royal Netherlands Air Force and was commisioned Technical Officer in 1982. He had a variety of leadership roles working with the F-104 and F-16 at Volkel Air Base in the Netherlands. In September 1988, John became the Systems Manager for Ground Support Equipment at the Air Material Command in The Hague. Finally, after two years as Manager Computer Centre, Air Tactical Operations in Maas­tricht, John resigned from the Air Force to start a career in industry.


John was chosen from a select group of candidates to join Medtronic; a US based medical device company. He created a new department for supplier quality assurance and was promoted to Supply QA manager. In this position, he successfully sustained FDA inspections, was responsible for managing supplier audits and performed supply logistics in a high-tech and high demanding environment.


In 1997, John shifted his career back into aerospace industry. He joined Fokker Services as the Sales Manager for Fokker’s F-16 business. Not limited to Europe, he explored business worldwide and positioned Fokker in the top of the list for F-16 maintenance & modifications in South America, the Middle East and Asia. In addition, he expanded the business by developing services new to Fokker, such as performing Phase Inspections and supporting Base Maintenance Operations. His intensive and broad support to the RNLAF for their activities related with the sale of surplus F-16 aircraft expanded his business horizon and international network.


John has left Fokker and became the managing director of his own business, AeroConsort. With his knowledge, experience and network, he is in a unique position to serve Aero-Consort’s customers. John is determined to continue to offer his high quality services, with the concept of AeroConsort, a strong combination of consult and support in aerospace. With AeroConsort, John strives to become a preferred business partner for his customers.


Contact details:


John B.M.J. Schulmer

Managing Director

Tel.:        int. + 31 636 11 43 20